Sunday, March 28, 2010

day 86

We're in Florida visiting friends and family. Last night we met our old group of friends for some good times. It was a lot like 99-03 buuuut we're all 'old' now. Haha

Justin trying to make out with Daniel (haha. oh, justin)

Daniel gets revenge with a swift punch to the…

Friends again!

Group shot!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day ?

So, again, I've totally failed. Heh. Right now we're on vacation in Florida, though, and for the next couple of weeks I will have help with the kids. So here I am, trying again. I'm thinking next year I should go for the 52 project. Or maybe a 12 project. HAH.

All of my kids had birthdays! The oldest, Myra, turned 5 3/24. The twins, Chase and Aria, turned 2 3/25. It's like Christmas in March.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Days ??!!!

All right. I don't really know what days I've missed or not missed. So, I'm going to post some pictures I've taken in the last few weeks and then try to get back on track from there. We've all been sick and are still working on recovery so that's as good as I can do!

Just your typical "out-the-bedroom-window" shot. I thought perhaps this pretty sky was a sign of spring. I was wrong.

This is a terrible picture, haha. She just kept moving closer and closer. But, ouch! Look at her chapped skin. Apparently she stayed outside too long at preschool.

Myra again. Much more flattering picture this time.

We bought an LG steam washer. I almost got something much cheaper but in the end we got this because it is certified to help asthma sufferers. Our littlest has sleep apnea and asthma, a scary combination, so we felt it was worth it. The extra $$$ it cost was considered my Valentines day gift and I am quite all right with that!! I freakin' love this thing. It doesn't "match" the electrolux steam dryer we just got but again, I'm all right with that.

We found out that Chase might have Celiac disease. At 23 months he is only 22 pounds. He is always fussy and he experiences a lot of tummy pain. He loves his dogs though.

Aria is not feeling well and has had enough!

And, finally, here is Chase 'helping' us make cookies.

Hopefully this is the last catch up post I have to make!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

days 28, 29 and 31

Day 31
Tried to get some pictures of Aria today. I wasn't happy with any of them. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. I can't wait to be able to go back outside for pictures. It's been 20ish or below for the last few days. Yuck!

Day 30-
No day 30, but if there was it would be a picture of the babies new TODDLER BEDS!! Man, they are growing up.

Day 29-
OHHH, she DOES love him after all.

Day 28-
This is my room-o-shame. I'm hoping posting it here will force me to actually get it cleaned up. When we moved into our house in August we were really careful not to clutter the upstairs but the basement… yeah. This is supposed to be sewing room. And one day soon, it will be. (I hope)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

days 23, 26 and 27

day 27
My little Aria Mae. Supposed to be helping me clean up but instead she pushed the coffee table over to my dresser so she could reach in and grab some candy.

day 26-
We went to the Mystic Aquarium. I'm a sucker for the fries at the cafe and we haven't been since the fall so we decided why not.

Pouting because she wasn't allowed to have the drumstick ice cream thing she tried to sneak to the table.

Chase. This is a little boy that cries most of his life. Mostly just when he is awake. All day. However, he loves animals and he loves to go to the aquarium. I wish we could just move in!

day 23-
Myra got a little blusher thing that was filled with glitter. Glitter, glitter everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean every surface of my house. Yay.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

day 21

Here is our dog Ramsay. When we bought our house we made sure to find something with a giant yard, in part for our giant dog. However! He manages to get out of the fence every day. So, until we can figure something out in the spring, he has lost his right to freedom. After chasing him every freakin' day for months, picking him up from town hall, our poor neighbors having to bring him home constantly, I finally got him a lead. He is not impressed but I am. I feel victorious. Haha.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

day twenty

yeeeah. I'm terrible at 365. The sun came out today. Just for a few minutes, but it definitely there.


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